This little girl (all of 50 lbs soaking wet) stole our hearts as a foster and is the comic relief in our home.  Valentine's day 2006 found our family expanding one more time.  Shasta is the baby dog and is quick to find and empty lap to cuddle in.  She may be the smallest greyhound in our home, but she also fell into being the pack leader here.  Even at 9 years old, she can still manage to get into lots of trouble, that will probably always be her middle name.






Beth came into our home as a foster in January 2007 and was found to have some major behavior issues.  In our home, those issues where not a problem, but it was determined that she would not be a canidate for placement unless her quirks were 100% resolved and that was just not

possible, so she became our next addition in July of 2007.  She is now 11 years old and doing great in our home.


Julie came into our care through Tucson Greys in April 2010 and managed to steal our hearts and secure her place sleeping with me on my pillow.  Don't let her sweet looks fool you, she can be a real imp and can get into lots of trouble.  She loves to play with the other hounds and her favorite thing is holding people hand. 






Coming into our care through Tucson Greys, Fool was very shy and reserved.  I started spending lots of extra time playing with him and found out he had a great smile and we started bonding.  As he started coming out of his shell, he would stay wherever I was at and following me around.  This behavior started spreading out to others who came to

see him.  In the mean time, Fool had become a Momma's boy and we just had such a good time together, I didn't want to see him leave. 


Nugget came to us via Tucson Greys with a broken leg. She was very quiet and shy in the beginning, but now days, she is outgoing, happy and very affectionate. She still has a limp from her ordeal, but never lets it slow her down. Nugget will melt your heart with just one look.






Bo had been at one of the kennels I was kitty testing at.  We met him at 7 months of age and he was built like a tank.  Mike had seen his picture and fell hard for him.  I figured I would bring him in as a foster and Mike would see having a puppy was not the best idea...I was wrong, Bo and Mike bonded instantly and are now joined at the hip.  To my surprise, Bo is

fantastic at public events and just loves everyone and they love him.  At 6 years old now, Bo weighs in around 100 lbs.